Where to Find Great Travel Coupons

Save on San Francisco with travel coupons

If you are like us you love to travel. However the expensive of traveling in style and seeing all the shows, attractions and sights can really add up. Luckily there is some things you can do to save some money and make your traveling budget spread farther. One way is to use the multitude of travel coupons available.

Where to Find Reliable Travel Coupons

1) CouponDad.netĀ 

One of the best places to find travel coupons – CouponDad.net. He always has reliable coupons on hotels, resorts, car rentals, flights and even attractions like SeaWorld and Busch Gardens. It’s the first place we go when starting to plan and book our next vacation. Always the best deals and really easy to use. We love that we can often stay at a beautiful Marriott, Hilton or Regency hotel for the same price as some of the lower rated hotels.

2) GrouponĀ 

Another great place to look for deals is on Groupon. Often you can find a great local Groupon deal for 50% off attractions. We scored a great deal on Madame Tussaud’s wax museum tickets in San Antonio one year. They will also have deals on luggage and many other helpful things when you travel. Make sure to check out the Groupon Goods section for those items. Be careful to read the fine print though. Sometimes their are restrictions on how you can use the deal.

3) Organizations and Clubs

If you are a member of an organization like AAA or maybe a credit union than you should check out their sites for deals and coupons as well. Often times they have negotiated rates for attractions like ski passes and other things that have significant savings. If you are a member of the military than you can also score some great savings by buying your event tickets on base. Another thing to keep in mind is if you are over the age of 55 than many places to offer senior discounts and often times you can use those on top of coupons!


Those are a few of the great ways you can save money when you travel. Make sure to check out travel coupons on sites like Coupon Dad. Also make sure you take advantage of any discounts you can get from belonging to clubs and organizations. Enjoy your next vacation and hope you get to go somewhere beautiful and relaxing.